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If you are suffering from neck pain, finding an appropriate treatment for pain relief is a concern you have. Contacting Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic in Charleston, WV to make an appointment for chiropractic care is an option that can be beneficial in getting the results you desire. Here is some information about "text neck" to read over to determine if this is the difficulty you are suffering from and how our chiropractor can help alleviate symptoms you are experiencing.

tet neck

What "Text Neck" Is

Text neck is a relatively new term as it pertains to the use of electronic devices, which have become extremely popular in the last few decades. If you use an electronic device, such as a tablet, laptop computer, handheld video game monitor, or cell phone, "text neck" is a problem you may encounter. Excessive use of these devices can cause you to stretch the back of your neck in an awkward manner due to the weight of your head falling forward as you view the information on your screen. This, in turn, will lead to dull pain in the neck that will not subside easily.

How To Avoid Text Neck

If you are worried about contracting the symptoms of text neck, it is best to monitor the amount of time you use an electronic device to help minimize the chance of a problem from occurring. Consider setting a timer on your device for a few minutes so you are not keeping your neck in the same position for long. This will remind you to look up, stretching your neck naturally and allowing the blood flow to circulate in the area as it should. Using a holder for your device so it remains at eye-level can also be helpful in stopping text neck from happening.

What To Do If You Need Pain Relief

If you are suffering from pain because of text neck, it is best to stop using your device for a while so you have time to heal. Seeing our chiropractor is an option that can be extremely beneficial for this type of condition. Our practitioner will do an assessment of the extent of pain you are experiencing and will do a series of spinal adjustments to help relieve some of the pressure that many have built up in the neck area because of the device usage and stretching. This will promote healing of the affected area.

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