Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Relief And Chiropractic Treatment

Shoulder pain can be caused by poor posture, an injury, or a chronic strain. To better manage shoulder pain, it's necessary to get the medical care you need to heal. To control inflammation that is causing shoulder pain, Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic in Charleston WV is ready to support your healing.


Chiropractic Treatments For Shoulder Pain

Your shoulder joint is complicated, and it can become inflamed after you get hurt or develop a chronic condition that limits movement. A chiropractor can treat shoulder pain by taking a careful look at your shoulder and creating a treatment plan that is right for you. Your shoulder mobility will be tested, and you will go through a medical history with your chiropractor to figure out the cause of your problem.

Chiropractic Treatment Modalities Used

Treatment for shoulder pain relief will focus on helping your tissue heal and mobilizing your shoulder joint. Treatment helps promote circulation to the soft tissue in your shoulder joint, allowing for better blood flow to the area. Ultrasound, massage and hot therapy all increase circulation. Your chiropractor may also stretch your shoulder joint so that it moves easier. Your spine can be impacting the way your shoulder feels, and your spine will be adjusted to fix any issues going on.

Shoulder Pain Relief And A Variety Of Treatments

If you are in physical therapy for shoulder pain, or you are taking pain medication, you can still see a chiropractor for care. A visit to your chiropractor will improve your overall health and it doesn't interfere with any other types of treatment. You can go for a massage, and this is going to enhance the impact chiropractic care has on your body.

Visiting Your Chiropractor

For acute injuries, you will benefit by seeing a chiropractor several times a week in the early stages of your healing. Regular visits help keep your spine in alignment and reduce your pain in between appointments. As you improve, you will begin to experience longer periods of feeling well in between appointments. You can continue to receive chiropractic care for maintenance therapy once your shoulder pain is relieved.

Find Shoulder Pain Relief Today

Get the help you need when you have shoulder pain by contacting Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic in Charleston WV at 304-925-1697 today. Treatment from a chiropractor can help restore the function of your shoulder and allow you to do the activities that you enjoy. You can find shoulder pain relief when you work closely with a chiropractor in Charleston WV.



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