Prenatal Chiropractic Care

Prenatal Chiropractic Care With Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic

The phrase "blessed event" is frequently used to describe the arrival of a new baby in the family. During the nine months preceding that arrival, however, you may feel anything but blessed. Aches, pains, swelling, and other uncomfortable issues may plague your pregnancy, while the musculoskeletal changes that occur during this time can also threaten the ease of your delivery. Fortunately, you can smooth the journey to a happy, healthy birth by taking advantage of prenatal chiropractic care at Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic in Charleston.

woman doing prenatal chiropractic technique

Pregnancy and the Musculoskeletal System

To say that the human body undergoes some changes in pregnancy would be something of an understatement. Your abdomen must make room for the growth and development of a fetus, while the ligaments of the pelvis must loosen to permit a normal birth. As a result, your spine may experience both a shift in alignment and instability in the sacral region. As you gain weight, and then carry that weight in a swayback posture, you will experience muscular aches and pain in your neck and back, as well as tension headaches related to stress in the neck muscles. But you may also struggle with nerve impingement that cause neurological symptoms and affect your overall wellness. 

The instability in the sacral spine introduces an addition worry. If you lose your alignment in this area, your fetus may not be able to rotate in the womb to assume a head-downward position. This can cause difficult delivery, or dystocia, possibly forcing you to undergo a C-section instead of having a natural birth.

Prenatal Adjustments and the Webster Technique

Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic can help make your pregnancy both easy and safe. Our chiropractor, Dr. Howard, can administer prenatal chiropractic care throughout your term without creating any dangers for you or your child. Our safe, gentle chiropractic techniques can reduce the musculoskeletal discomfort you're struggling with. Our ability to relieve nerve impingement not only eases neurological symptoms but also allows your entire body to function better during this critical time. We also practice the Webster Technique, a specialized method for restoring balance and improving alignment in the sacral spine. This technique can boost your chances of a healthy, natural, head-first delivery.

Come Visit Our Pregnancy Chiropractor At Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic In Charleston, WV

When you consider the challenges that your body goes through during pregnancy, it only makes sense to support your health through safe, natural methods such as prenatal chiropractic care. Call Kanawha Valley Family Chiropractic today at (304) 925-1697 to schedule this helpful form of care with our pregnancy chiropractor in Charleston!


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